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Шри-Ланка - Связь

Шри-Ланка - Связь

Телефоны - основные линии: 1.51 million (2006)

Телефоны - мобильная сотовая связь: 4.284 million (2006)

Телефонные системы: general assessment: telephone services have improved significantly and are available in most parts of the country
domestic: national trunk network consists mostly of digital microwave radio relay; fiber-optic links now in use in Colombo area and 2 fixed wireless local loops have been installed; competition is strong in mobile cellular systems and mobile cellular subscribership is increasing; telephone density remains low (2006)
international: country code - 94; submarine cables to Indonesia, Djibouti, India and Maldives; satellite earth stations - 2 Intelsat (Indian Ocean)

Вещательные радиостанции: 34 (station types NA) (2006)

Телевизионные станции:: 14 (2006)

Интернет домен: .lk

Интернет хосты: 6,526 (2006)
Интернет пользователи: 280,000 (2005)

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