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Суринам - Валюта

Суринам - Валюта

Валюта: Суринамский гульден

Символ: $Sur

Деление: 100 центов

iso 4217: SRD 740

regtime: m.float

Курс: Surinamese dollars per US dollar - (2006), 2.7317 (2005), 2.7336 (2004), 2.6013 (2003), 2.3468 (2002) note: during 1998, the exchange rate splintered into four distinct rates; in January 1999 the government floated the guilder, but subsequently fixed it when the black-market rate plunged; in January 2004, the government replaced the guilder with the Surinamese dollar, tied to a US dollar-dominated currency basket

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